Small Isles

Norah Barnes, has lived on the Isle of Eigg for nearly 17 years. She has a background in environmental science and education and has worked as a countryside ranger and field studies teacher. Nature is her passion and she loves all things to do with wildlife and the outdoors. She also enjoys music and dancing, and runs a small singing group on Eigg. She moved to Eigg to set up the Earth Connections Eco Centre, where she runs a volunteer programme and residential courses, whilst also getting involved with community ecological projects. For the last three years, she has been the seasonal wildlife ranger for Scottish Wildlife Trust. During her residency, she took some time out of her normal routine and explored a different part of Eigg. She also spent time learning Gaelic place names to link the Eigg landscape, wildlife and stories.

Fliss Fraser lives on the Isle of Rùm . She runs a small guest house, lets out a shepherd’s hut and has a craft shop. She loves all things yarn, spinning, knitting and crochet and also works for the community trust. During her residency, she spent time getting to know the Eigg folk and understanding how they managed through the 2020 pandemic.

Isebail MacKinnon is from the Isle of Canna and owns Canna Campsite and Bunkhouse. She is also a director of the Isle of Canna Community Development Trust. She is interested in how to develop and sustain economies and communities, with them taking charge of their own stories and developing tourism that works for each community.