The Brothers In Christ Collective (The BICC) is an experimental group formed by Birmingham Conservatoire graduates Riadh, Jacob, and Kunling. Influenced by internet culture, their work often blurs the lines between different art forms, incorporating music, visual art, video, animation, gaming and theatre to create surreal and immersive experiences. From blending video games with ancient theatre forms to performing parodies of job interviews, they are always driven by a sense of playfulness and curiosity.

The BICC will use their time on Eigg to generate new compositions by means of game structures.











Image 1: The BICC, still from The Naked Man’s Nightmare, 2022.
Image 2: The BICC, still from SlugCat, 2023.
Image 3: The BICC, still from SlugCat, 2023.
Image 4: Portrait of The BICC.