Nicole Travers

Nicole Travers is a Mi’kmaw artist and a self-taught beader. Beginning her practice in 2015, Travers has a deep admiration for the intricate detailed beadwork of her Mi’kmaq ancestors. Influenced by the traditional Mi’kmaq double curve, petroglyphs, and hieroglyphs, Travers’ work marries historical styles of beadwork with modern day techniques, producing a unique and contemporary form. Most recently, Travers has begun tanning various animal pelts and skins into leather by using traditional teachings and has started to embed home tanned fish skin into her works. While on Fogo Island Travers plans to complete the extensive process of soaking, softening, drying, and re-smoking a hide.

Nicole Travers, home tanned codfish leather with beaded Mi’kmaw double curve petroglyph, 2020