Florence Dwyer

Florence Dwyer is a maker whose work is informed by embodied research of social and cultural histories most commonly related to craft, industrial manufacturing and domestic design. Dwyer’s sculptural yet functional work often finds form in the domestic; through ceramic tableware, hand tufted woolen rugs and furniture. Using craft as a medium through which to make her thought process visible, Dwyer explores how domestic object design sheds light on misrepresented histories. Of particular interest to the artist is the study of experimental material processes and how these can provide a contextual grounding for the produced work. While on Eigg she plans to explore the contemporary and historical positioning of sheep, wool and textile production.

Florence Dwyer:
Wool dyed from plants and vegetables grown, foraged and collected from within Glasgow; onion skins, hawthorn berries, blackberries, rosehips, dead daffodils, madder, pomegranate skins, fermented Ash bark, elder berries, dock leaves, gorse and nettles, 2020-21
Drying bog myrtle dyed wool;
Vew of studio through window;
Sheep at the Singing Sands, Eigg;
Working in the studio