Talbot Rice Gallery – Michael Poetschko

Talbot Rice Gallery are supporting Berlin-based artist Michael Poetschko’s residency period at Sweeney’s Bothy as part of the Gallery’s TRG3 programme.

TRG3 was established in 2015 to support emerging artists, both locally and internationally to develop experimental work and push their practice into new areas. Poetschko’s residency period will be coupled with a screening of previous work in Edinburgh and the artist in conversation.

Poetschko´s interdisciplinary practice is positioned between fine art, filmmaking and philosophy. It creates processual scenarios that cross time and space to detect cracks, folds and breaks in the complexities, contradictions and violent realities of global capitalism in order to search for other, more desirable futures.

During his residency on Eigg Poetschko will work on his script for “Der Intervall“ (2015-2017), a conceptual science fiction film project, which deals with cybernetics, chronopolitics and resistance in a permanent state of emergency.