RSA Residencies For Scotland 2014 – Sylvia Law

Since its inception in 2009, RSA Residencies for Scotland has supported a wide range of artists at 26 venues across Scotland. The Royal Scottish Academy has a proud tradition of promoting excellence in contemporary art in Scotland. Led by eminent artists and architects the RSA support the creation, understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts through exhibitions, artist opportunities and related educational talks and events. Re-establishing themselves as a leading organisation for the visual arts in Scotland, the RSA have successfully garnered a reputation for the strength of their engaging and diverse exhibitions and the fantastic opportunities they offer both established and emerging artists.



Sylvia Law
“Sound creates a relational geography that is most often emotional, contentious, fluid, and which stimulates a form of knowledge that moves in and out of the body.”- Brandon LaBelle, Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture & Everyday Life, 2010. 

During my time at the Bothy, I would like to explore the relational geography of the Isle of Eigg by using sound to unearth the hidden soundscapes within the environment. Caves, wells, hills, rivers and all types of resonant spaces will be sonically responded through my voice.

Blog entry by Sylvia Law:

As an artist, I work with sound to reveal the energy of space whether it be its acoustic nature, the invisible reverberations or the human resonance built inside the history of a place. As well as exploring the external landscape, I would also like to look at our own nature and reflect on how living so close to the land allows us to become more in tune with the natural world. During my time there, I hope to meet all the locals, hear their stories, sing their songs and learn from the people who have been nourished from the land. In meeting them, I would like to discover how community spirit resonates within a place and is rooted within its landscape.