British Council Arts & Social Practice Fellowship – Travis Souza

Travis Souza (b. 1978, California; lives and works in Portland, OR) is an artist that engages communities and publics with an interdisciplinary practice mostly focused on the interconnectedness of geography, economy, pleasure and work.

Travis often takes up documentary and research-based strategies to reflect cultural identities within specific contexts. His projects tend to produce unlikely institutional or organisational relationships.

Travis Souza

British council

By these relationships platforms are created for the ‘personal’ and ‘private’ aspects of our cultural identities to be seen, articulated, celebrated, and understood in relation to larger societal issues.

This residency with the Bothy Project was awarded after Travis receiving the 2015 British Council Arts and Social Practice Fellowship award. For his fellowship, Travis will spend three weeks in a variety of rural and remote places across Scotland and the rest of the UK with art organisations committed to long term engagement with their respective environments and communities.

For his residency at Sweeney’s bothy in December 2015 , Travis plans to walk every day, to explore the island by foot, and to consider the subject of belonging(s).