Atlas Arts – Ilana Halperin

ATLAS is an arts organisation dedicated to visual arts projects and education in Skye and Lochalsh. An organisation “without walls,” ATLAS are uniquely placed to help to deliver a contemporary arts programme in a rural setting. ATLAS provide a platform for the creation of art that encompasses a sense of place by engaging with Skye and Lochalsh’s unique setting and rich history.


Halperin’s creative output focuses upon geological activity and phenomena in an engagement with our understanding of time. Her approach combines fieldwork in diverse locations – Hawaii, Iceland, France, Japan and in museums, archives and laboratories with an active studio-based practice. In the development of new ideas, she has had the honour and pleasure of working with organisations such as The Global Volcanism Program, the British Geological Survey and Earthwatch.

Following a recent research residency in the geothermal city of Beppu in Japan, Ilana’s residency at Sweeney’s Bothy focused on exploring ancient volcanic events on Eigg, in order to contemplate and understand ‘extinct’ geological sites in relation to their active volcanic cousins across the earth and oceans. This research informs a new chapter of the collaborative work Hand Held Lava, with Andrew Patrizio and Karen Holmberg, which will evolve in the coming years in partnership with Atlas Arts on the Isle of Skye.

Blog entry by Ilhana Halperin: