Assynt & Coigach

Sarah Bernstein is a writer and teacher based in Coigach and a member of Living Rent, Scotland’s Tenants Union. Sarah used her time on residency to write and to think through some ideas that she’s been most concerned with, like sustainability – from an environmental standpoint, but equally from a social one. The question of how to sustain rural communities is pressing and brings together questions of housing justice and land reform. She is also interested in the idea of the ‘commons’, understood to be what is ordinary and what is shared – resources like water, land, air, but also spaces and forms of knowledge.

Katrina Martin is based in Assynt. She works in an outdoor learning role, where she supports schools with access to, and experiences within, the natural world. She is also a mindfulness practitioner and facilitates sessions to support others with their practice. She has a particular passion for mindfulness of dream and sleep and nature connection. Other interests include song-writing and photography.

Monika Strell is Austrian and has lived in the Scottish Highlands since 2008. Mainly working in social media, which provides a wonderful connection to the wider world, she is keen to bring some of her work ‘closer to home’ and expand her work as a Natural Mindfulness Guide and Interfaith Minister.