Take Yourself Out Of Your Usual Structure

Four visitors to the Cairngorms one after the other take up residence in Inshriach Bothy; each stays for one week from February into March. Being in Inshriach, and being alone, shapes the stories they tell—immersion in the late winter countryside, negotiating low light, a questioning of capabilities, concern about access to and ownership of land, awareness of solitude. There could be no better guide. They have an intimate knowledge of what they narrate, and love it deeply. They cut wood, gather water, sleep, eat, toilet and walk. Three wash. Two cycle. Two drive cars. One climbs a tree. One is accompanied by a whippet; another is haunted by a cat. One witnesses a human kissing trees. What will you do? Climb that tree? Shower? Walk up that hill with or without this guide? Successfully keep the fire going to spare yourself from the cold? Sauna and drink gin with a stranger? Jump in the river?

ISBN 978-1-5272-5553-1