Rubie Green

Rubie is a songstress, producer, multi-instrumentalist and unbridled trans voice. Ranging from power ballads to twitch pop to drone-folk, her writing presents a slippery manifesto for transness, and plots queer escapes to new unlikely homes. Her acclaimed live show reimagines her recordings in unexpected ways, theatrically leaping between tender a-capella vocals and twisted electronic vision quests. Rubie’s debut solo album Take Both was released 2020, and she is currently working on her forthcoming EP Whatever Cage, co-produced with Toby Burroughs. Aside from her solo work, she also plays in xylophone pop outfit Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business and feminist punk choir F*Choir.

On Eigg, Rubie will begin writing for a brand new body of work based on Virginia Woolf’s Orlando.











Above image: Portrait of Rubie. Image courtesy of El Hardwick.