Clarinda Tse

Unable to travel to Eigg as planned in April 2020, Clarinda compiled notebooks of messy thoughts into a spreadsheet. This was further translated into an alternative archive programmed through boids*.

Seeking to find a space that she can remember from a distance, where language has a constant shift and movement, Clarinda realised  the digital interface under toes cream dream – you can explore it here.

In October 2021, Clarinda was at last able to travel to Eigg and spend a week staying at Sweeney’s Bothy. On returning from her residency, she said:

I feel this residency was a gift to me, and with the delay of it happening for a year, there is a feeling that the work lies in being grateful, adaptive, present rather than delivering plans. It is a very special piece of experience.

*Boids is an artificial life program, developed by Craig Reynolds in 1986, which simulates the flocking behaviour of birds.
Images courtesy of the artist.