The Bothy Project are delighted to have the sponsorship of two outstanding British companies,  Esse the UK’s longest-standing stove manufacturer and Russwood Scotland’s leading supplier of high-quality, sustainable timber products.




Esse’s Plus 1 is the latest in a very long line of products that have continued to evolve to meet the needs of the time. This appliance is as tall as a typical cooker, narrower than most wood-burning stoves, has a very efficient firebox within which the wood is burnt maximising the energy efficiency of the fuel and minimising emissions. It can also be fitted with a back boiler to heat water. There is an outer fire door which, when closed, allows the cook to stand close to the cooker, or when opened, reveals the glass inner door and heat can radiate directly into the room. While it fits with current kitchen styles here at home, it is also valued in more remote locations where dependability and durability are most valued commodities, such as in the Alps, the Australian outback or in the North American Rocky mountains. It still contains the ‘DNA’ of those stoves built for Florence Nightingale’s Crimean hospitals or the famous Antarctic expeditions of the early 20th Century, and it is still built entirely in Great Britain.

Russwood Ltd is a Scottish supplier of high-quality, sustainable timber flooring, cladding and decking products. Situated in the Cairngorm National Park, and supplying timber to both the domestic and trade sectors for over 20 years, Russwood pride themselves on their reputation for quality products and excellent technical expertise.  For Pig Rock Bothy, Russwood have supplied the beautiful untreated heartwood Scotlarch® decking and the Scotlarch® RW102 cladding on the entrance gable. This species weathers very consistently to a striking shade of silver/grey, which is highly desirable in many cladding projects. Most of Russwood’s Scotlarch® products originate from within 100 miles of their  Highland sawmill. In addition to the sustainability benifit this affords, Russwood’s Scotlarch® is FSC®-certified meaning that it is sourced from well-managed forests.