ORAN WISHART: Self-Directed Residency, 2014

Cobalt Blue

Zoetrope of light flashes onto an angled pane,
in the slipstream waves tumble back and blue changes to black.
North West the water is like glass,
The Sgurr drawing fracture lines on the surface.
The horizon disappears­­­ –
a mirror reflecting clouds.
Dense cobalt blue sky changes to
a greeny glaze, an orange haze,
washes of sienna, Japanese water colour,
TV shades where the horizon left.
Dance through the mud,
drop the anchor,
observe the cerulean curve.
Descend from lava cliffs to
singing sands.
A tangle of fishing nets,
a tapestry of rope
weaving through the cobalt blue.
To the rocks at night, tucked into the spire of stone
under a washed out aniline sky
Island outlines
fading from the ever darkening above.
Aeroplane view blue,
Icelandic night blue,
tip-toe blue,
hushed voice over the sea too.
Open sky in the ravine,
above the ridge where the morning sun rises.
A vessel glides slowly to the left with a flickering light,
carefully balanced kerosene lamp, close to the shore.
In front of the door, with the changing light; the appearance of night.
Overcoats and horizontal star gazing.
Three candles flicker and melt in the shade of a standing lamp,
casting light onto the page, ready for sleep.