LORNA MACINTYRE: Self-Directed Residency, 2015

A dream of red squirrels. I am a red squirrel./ Lunar eclipse/Supermoon/Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point/ Islay Whisky/ Reading Margaret Tait in the sunshine on the deck to the sound of birds/ Vegetables, fruit, porridge, coffee and eggs, vegetables, fruit, porridge, coffee and eggs/ Exhilarated, a scramble up a waterfall and onto the ridge of Beinn Bhuidhe/ Le Rayon Vert/ Cleo from 5 to 7/ Big Women/ Mixing ‘chance and choice somewhat scandalously’/ Looking for the pillow stone/ Oatcakes and island views at the top of the Sgurr with a sailor and a collie/ Mushrooms growing in a cowpat/ Sun rises over ridge at 11am, moon rises over ridge at 11pm./ Sun sets over sea 8pm/ Looking for the green ray.


Stone-Like Thing (Ribena/jurassic sandstone), 

Silver gelatin print toned in Ribena


Stone Like Thing (Bubblegumade/jurassic sandstone),

Silver gelatin print toned in Bubblegumade