JAIMIE MACDONALD: Self-Directed Residency, 2015

I’ve come back to the world of the city. You see I spent a week in ‘Narnia’. I’ve even been reading about the adventures of the Moomins and channelling Tove Jansson! There were 2 days where I didn’t see or speak to any other human and the only time I used my voice was when I was joyfully singing along to the radio. I asked myself the day I came home and felt overwhelmed by the heat, the noise and the light:

What do you mean the rest of my days aren’t going to be just like that!?

I could easily have stayed  longer but I’ve go lots to do and a new collection of things to try now that I’ve had my soul refreshed a little.


I practised my whittling skills and requainted myself with my sketchbook

macdonald_whittled bird

I declared a few #patchofpeace spots

bothy #patchofpeace 1 644

and wrote a poem as well as recording precious moments in my journal

Bright cold days and

ice inside stars

Glistening moon crescent

in present breath

slow nurtured soul

home solo


Capable courage

and kindness

takes earth footsteps

one at a time


Radio wiggles and laughs

light flickers.

Writing at night of the glory of the day

showing up to create


Fresh creativity grows

by letting go

and doing something

Chopping wood and

conversations with Robin

While the sun sits by the shiny crackle edged river

macdonald_ice edged river

Light of blue and gold

depth of beauty

heartbeat slowed

ears dancing in silence

focused and whole

macdonald_river wood robin me

Grief of leaving, saying goodbye

gratitude to all abounds

the trees and the ground

the sky and the snow

to the patterns left behind

and moments held in memory.


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