Jacqui Casher: Raindropology at Pig Rock Bothy


Raindropology Foundation at the Pig Rock Bothy: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art October 16-19 2014

Raindropology =The Scientific Study of Raindrops

A Raindropologist = Someone who Studies Raindrops

Raindropology Assistant (RA) = Collector and Maker of Raindrops

For this short residency we were given an opportunity to think about how we would use Pig Rock Bothy at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh. As a Raindropologist, I am interested in collaborating with people to collect and study Raindrops from across Scotland. I often think about The Raindropology Foundation starting a National Archive of Raindrops. Pig Rock Bothy was an ideal starting place; the weather forecast rain with some showers, perfect, I thought for collecting a wide variety of Raindrops when I arrived with the mobile Raindropology laboratory.


Each day I documented the Raindrops collected from the grounds and screened a selection of animated Purple and Blue Raindrops in the Bothy; some of the Raindropology Assistants chose the colours: we were kept busy but we were able to make a good start for the Raindropology Foundation’s National Archive of Raindrops.

Male Collector

So thank you to all the Raindropology Assistants (RAs) who dropped by and kindly collected and shared interesting conversations about raindrops. Many RAs came from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Berwick, London, and as far away as Japan, Texas, Tunisia, France and the Outer Hebrides; it was great to meet so many people who contributed enthusiastically to this  collaborative Project. 




Toby,Joy,Brigitte,Mairi,Ross,Jonathan,Hannah,Ailsa,Oly,Izzy, Beth,Jules


The next step of the research is collating more Raindrops for a screening in Glasgow School of Art. If you are interested in catching up with this Public Artwork and/or wish to contribute and collect Raindrops, or you know some good places to collect them you can reach me  at Glasgow School of Art Department of Sculpture and Environmental Art.j.casher1@student.gsa.ac.uk

Jacqui Casher


Raindropology Foundation