Some Huts

Waiting for Spring, Carl Erik Strom, 1970 / / what is a hut? / a hut is four thin walls nailed around a stove / / a hut is set in the fret of green woods / / a cabin is spied on the wild-hills- ///ide / / a hut is a shed & a bed / / a hut is a few planks nailed to some peeling doors kept out the back in some folks' ///gardens / / a hut is make-do-&-mend – it grows in an organic fashion as a collage of accretion ///& borrowing / / a hut is a second home which there is no shame ///to own / / a hut is centred on square windows each of which is taken care of by a spider & cobweb / / a hut is a sounding- board for rain which will do you no harm if you remember to spoon out the guttering / / a hut is an ante-garden / / a hut is framed wilderness / / a hut is tree high dissension / / in Norway it seems each field is anchored by a hut / / in Scotland where we are so proud of our welcome huts have regrettably ///not been … / /Carbeth, Gerry Loose & Morven Gregor poem-label AF, photograph Morven Gregor, 2011 / / Carbeth / ‘A place of solitude set among trees. Things come to rest here.’ / ///– Gerry Loose / / just a wee felt-roofed hut, a shame to stay inside but there is rain / wisps of white smoke rise straightforwardly from the chimley, yaffles try to laugh their way in / there's lovage and angelica too strong tasting for deer or rabbits / last year’s tansy buttons that fashion this spring’s brown / Dumgoyach seems a few steps away but I'll just sit on this handy log drinking smoky tea and wait a while for the windfalls / / composed after a visit to Gerry & Morven, for the road north; Gerry & Morven are contributing their own post on hut culture and wild food, to be published shortly on Bothan Shuibhne. Carbeth: the road / / Prospect Cottage, courtesy of Ron Strutt / / Prospect Cottage / Jarman’s neat hut on the borderless shingle jut of Dungeness / in the shadow of the power station in the knowledge of death Derek began to garden / each summer that passes teaches which flora will endure biting northerlies / sea kale & sea thistle horned poppy, night- shade & valerian / lavender & santolina nodding their colours amid the salt- tangle of wire, rust bloom & flint / Derek is gone his garden is growing / / hut of shadows, Chris Drury, 1997 / / hut of shadows / in the hut of shadows one whitewashed wall reveals the slow flicker of the sea’s everyday beauty / the construction enacts a great leap back, circling through 6,000 years of human consciousness / we enter a darkness that we recognize from the chamber at Bharpa Langais / / this poem was also composed, with Ken Cockburn, after a visit to North Uist, for the road north. Bharpa Langais is a Neolithic chambered cairn, similar inside to Drury’s construction.

wild shelter

Kevin Langan will build a wild shelter at Jupiter Artland on Sunday 16 June; Alec Finlay and The Bothy Project will be there to discuss the Sweeney's Bothy project.