Baltic Bothy Residency 2017 – Katie Cuddon

The sedge warbler had his laugh, waking me (a city girl) at dawn with the sounds of an electronic amusement arcade. The drilling, trilling, clicking of the vox apparatus. Flies approach the midge-screen; some retreat some rest. Even the bluebells, with the help of the wind, limber up for the day.

MARIA FUSCO: William Grant Foundation Residency, 2019

At Sweeney’s Bothy I thought about enclosure, silence and ritual. I read Donna Haraway’s Making Kin Not Population: Reconceiving Generations. She writes towards “multi-modal, multi-species, multi-situated practices” by evoking the chthonic, that is relating to or inhabiting the underworld: “I call these times, our times, the Chthulucene to emphasise the ongoing powers and processes of mortal beings that come together to resist the curses and blandishments of the Plantationocene, Anthropocene, and Capitalocene.” I read this in my head and pondered it whilst seated on the composting toilet.

ASHANTI HARRIS: William Grant Foundation Residency, 2019

To Eigg, Saturday 26th Jan 2019.                                                                                                                                                                  In Sweeney’s Bothy.  Just arrived.  The rain is moving between pouring and stopping.  Today I will be slow.  I boiled water, made tea.  The fire is going.  The wind is blowing.  I found some ginger oat biscuits.

MATT STALKER: Self-Directed Residency, 2016

 Everything is slower here. "In these crannies of the mountains, the mode of supplying elemental needs is still slow, laborious, personal… There is a deep pervasive satisfaction in these simple acts. Whether you give it conscious thought or not, you are touching life, and something within you knows it."  Nan Shepherd, ‘The Living Mountain’