Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision
Our vision is of a world where creativity is valued and our diverse landscapes understood and respected.

Our Mission
We will provide a network of off-grid bothies in remote communities across Scotland where creative people, thinkers, researchers and local people can reflect on creativity, landscape and living simply and go on to make a positive change to the world we live in.

Our Values

We value the creativity demonstrated by our users, surrounding communities and wider audiences and will work to recognise, support and share the diverse creativity they demonstrate.

Diversity and Inclusivity
We are entirely committed to diversity, respecting human rights and creating opportunities for participation to all. We strive at all times to operate transparently and aim to ensure that the conduct of staff, board members, partners, users and audiences demonstrates openness and respect.

Fair Work
We provide our users, surrounding communities and wider audiences with ways to access geographies, experience and outcomes which advance and inspire their understanding of creativity and landscape. We are committed to treating our staff,  colleagues and users with respect, including by paying them fairly.

We believe that individuals, communities and society can be strengthened through experiences that connect them to creativity, landscape and living simply. We commit to promote resilience in individuals, communities and society
through cultural, environmental and material sustainability.

We believe that old skills & knowledge and new technology & innovation benefit each other. We will strive to devise encounters where these benefits can be harnessed, developed and tested, with benefit to all.