Fair Work Statement

Bothy Project embraces the Fair Work Convention​ framework and is committed to the fair work dimensions of effective voice; opportunity; security; fulfilment and respect.

Fair work practices are at the centre of our activities. We strive to be a fair organisation to work for and work with. We are an accredited Living Wage employer and are committed to further improving the work-life balance of our staff and those we work with.

Bothy Project’s Fair Work Statement is made in recognition of our EDI Policy and EDI Action Plan. Together these documents give a holistic understanding of how we work now and how we plan to evolve.

We will implement the fair work dimensions in the following ways:

Effective voice

  • Clear internal procedures for staff to air their views, be listened to and influence outcomes
  • Open and transparent everyday dialogue
  • Weekly staff meetings
  • Quarterly board meetings
  • Annual appraisals for staff


  • We ensure equal access to work and equal opportunities in work by removing barriers to access and participation
  • Regular training for staff and trustees, geared towards the development of Bothy Project’s vision and mission
  • Although a small organisation, we aim for internal career evolution to be possible
  • We collaborate with The University of Edinburgh to host an annual credit-bearing work placement


  • We offer a workplace pension scheme
  • We offer statutory sick pay
  • We are an accredited Living Wage employer and review all staff salaries annually in line with increases in the Real Living Wage


  • We strive to provide job satisfaction and create a culture where staff can make a difference to the sector in which we operate
  • We endeavour to create a workplace environment that encourages creativity and innovation
  • Professional and personal development is encouraged and supported


  • All staff, trustees and freelancers are treated with mutual respect, recognising their views, autonomy, status and contribution
  • Respect is embedded in our organisational systems and we encourage appropriate forms of communication in parallel with agreed scheduling
  • We respect the personal commitments of our staff and trustees, including family and caring responsibilities and encourage a good work-life balance
  • Personal matters of staff and trustees are treated as confidential
  • We respect the health, safety and well-being of our staff, trustees and freelancers acknowledging and taking mental health as seriously as physical health


Annual Review
The monitoring of the Fair Work Action Plan is a standing agenda item at every second board meeting.

This statement was last updated April 2024 and will be reviewed annually by Bothy Project’s trustees along with all other Bothy Project policies.