Q: How do I get to Eigg?


Q: How long in advance should I book my train and ferry tickets?

We recommend booking the train and ferry tickets after your residency is confirmed.

In peak tourist season (spring and summer), ferry tickets sell out fast, thus we suggest booking the ticket as soon as the ferry timetable is released.


Q: What if ferry got cancelled due to bad weather?

  • Ferry to Eigg:

We recommend you take out travel insurance. For information on what CalMac does and does not cover in the event of ferry cancellation, see the information on their Disruptions FAQ webpage.

If your ferry does get cancelled, you are responsible for arranging backup accommodation in Mallaig or Arisaig. Therefore, we recommend checking the Calmac service status webpage for updates in poor weather before your departure.

  • Ferry away from Eigg:

You can stay in the bothy until the next available ferry, and you won’t be charged for the extra period of stay.


Q: How do I get to the bothy?

On your first and last day of the residency, the bothy hosts Lucy Conway and Eddie Scott will meet you off the ferry and give you a lift to and from the bothy.

During your residency, you are responsible for your own transport.


Q: Can I drive on the Isle of Eigg?

No cars can be taken over to the Isle of Eigg.

But you can drive to Mallaig before getting on the ferry and park your car at East or West Bays near the pier. There is a £10 charge for using the West Bay Car Park, which you can book and pay for through RingGo.

There is Taxi service on Eigg (Call Charlie on 01687 482 404) and Bike/E-bike hire services from Eigg Adventures.




Q: How much luggage can I bring to Eigg?

You must be able to carry all your luggage on and off the ferry in one go, or you will need to book your luggage as freight.

Call the Mallaig CalMac office on 01687 310 240.


Q: What should I bring to the bothy?

  • towels, wellies or hiking boots, indoor slippers, hat, scarf, gloves, thermal for cold weather, waterproofs…
  • torch/head torch, penknife, batteries, sunscreen for summer, art supplies including stationary…
  • roll mates and sleeping bags if there is additional guest, toiletries, travel insurance…
  • food (do consider reducing the amount of packaging before you leave home)
  • bike for transporting, or you can hire one from Eigg Adventures.
  • pet supplies if you are bring pets
  • extra roll matts/sleeping bags if more than 1 companion


Q: What should not be brought to the bothy?

  • hairdryers, kettle or anything else that makes heat or requires a lot of power ((Due to the limited power source)
  • candles cannot be lit inside the bothy (Fire Safety)


Q: Can I bring pets with me during the residency?

Pets (maximum of 2) are permitted on the island but need to be leashed.

Isle of Eigg Shop sells pet food that can be pre-ordered. But do bring enough supplies in case of  accidents: boat cancellations, deliveries missing the boat…


Q: Should I bring cash?

Some shops on Eigg accepts debit and credit cards and the post office has a cash point but we advise to bring enough cash with you to last your stay, just in case of any problems.




Q: Are there signals at the bothy?

Yes, There is 4G EE phone signal at the bothy with most other networks available on the east side of the island, with most signals registering at the school as you walk from the bothy to the pier. There is Wi-Fi in Galmisdale Bay Café and Bar and around the shop and pier area.


Q: Can I charge my electronic devices in the bothy?

There is a plug-socket for charging laptops and cameras, but the power source is limited and only essential electrical goods should be brought. It won’t power a hair dryer, kettle or anything else that makes heat or requires a lot of power.


Q: Is there a public payphone on the island for contacting home if needed?

For emergencies, calls can be made to and from Lucy and Eddie’s house.


Q: Can I cook in the bothy?

Basic products will be provided.

  • oven, burning stove with a hot-plate, pots, pans, plates, cutlery, washing liquid.
  • salt, pepper, cooking oil, tea, matches, foil, kindling, washing up liquid, herbs, spices, tea, coffee, sugar, tinned and dried goods left by previous artists.

There is no fridge, but an outdoor cool-box is provided.


Q: How many guests can I invite?

The maximum amout of people allowed at any time to stay in the bothy is 4.


Q: What’s the sleeping arrangement?

The Bothy is designed to suit one person but it can sleep 2 on a mezzanine bed, with access via a ladder. A further 2 people can sleep on the bothy floor, but must bring their own roll matts and sleeping bags.


Q: Can I camp on Eigg?

Camping by Bothy is allowed and there are other camping accommodations near the bothy. See Eigg Accommodation.

However, lighting fires or BBQs are not allowed outside the Bothy.


Q: Are there hot water in the bothy?

The stove has a back boiler that heats the water. In sunny weather, hot water is also produced by the solar hot water panel on the woodshed.


Q: Is there a washing machine?

No, there is no washing machine in the Bothy.





Q: Where can I shop?

The Isle of Eigg Shop is 4 miles from the bothy and can deliver if you order in advance.

Next door to the shop is Galmidale Bay Café & Restaurant which is open most days for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the summer months and on ferry days in the winter. It also doubles as a pub most evening in the summer and occasionally in winter months.

There is also a restaurant 300m from the bothy, called  Lageorna which opens most nights in the summer months and by arrangement in the winter.


Q: Can I buy art supplies on Eigg?

Isle of Eigg Shop provides daily necessities and craft products that can be pre-ordered, however there is no guarantee that art supplies are sold at the time of your arrival. Therefore, we recommend bringing all the materials needed with you to the bothy.


Q: Can I take a boat trip around the island?

There is kayak-hire service and kayak sessions provided by Eigg Adventures.





Q: Are there wild animals around bothy?

There could be crows, ravens and buzzards around the bothy. And they are smart and can spot rubbish bags or uncovered food very easily, so keep things under cover or in a sealed container.


Q: Are there medical organisations on the island if I get sick?

The GP normally visits Eigg every Tuesday. Appointments are available from 1030 – 1500. At other times, telephone and video consultations can be arranged. For an appointment, phone the surgery on 01687 482 427, 0900 to 1200 noon Monday to Friday.




Q: What if I would like to end the residency early?

You can leave the bothy or the island early, but please inform the host Lucy or Eddie that you are leaving early beforehand.

If you are planning to leave the island early, we suggest you to check the ferry timetable in advance (Ferry runs every day in Spring and once every three days in Winter). The Bothy project is not able to offer refund for the rest of the stay.


Q: Can I stay longer than a week?

At the moment, self-directed residencies are only for a week. While other programmes, for example, the partnership residencies can be longer.