Royal Scottish Academy, Residencies for Scotland – Kari Stewart 2013

Since its inception in 2009, RSA Residencies for Scotland has supported a wide range of artists at 26 venues across Scotland. The Royal Scottish Academy has a proud tradition of promoting excellence in contemporary art in Scotland. Led by eminent artists and architects the RSA support the creation, understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts through exhibitions, artist opportunities and related educational talks and events. Re-establishing themselves as a leading organisation for the visual arts in Scotland, the RSA have successfully garnered a reputation for the strength of their engaging and diverse exhibitions and the fantastic opportunities they offer both established and emerging artists.


Kari Stewart undertook a 2-week residency at Inshriach Bothy from the 9th – 22nd November 2013 for a period of focussed research, reflection, and production of new work. ‘My intention is live and work in the Bothy, and to produce a finished pencil on paper drawing each day of the residency period. As much of my work deals with constructions of myth and narrative around ideas of place and landscape, I would like to use the minimalist situation of artist+workspace+landscape to reflect upon historical depictions of landscape, and to explore new readings of the built environment as it relates to social and geographical control.’

‘I will bring all necessary research material and drawing materials to the Bothy, and will begin work upon arrival. From then on, I will begin a new drawing each day. This residency would follow a solo exhibition that I will be having in Armenia in October 2013, and would therefore allow me the time and space to both reflect on that exhibition and to consider and develop the future direction of my practice.’

Blog entry by Kari Stewart:

KARI STEWART: RSA Residencies for Scotland, 2013 Bothy Log .  Day 1 – Saturday- Arrived at Inshriach Bothy this afternoon. Spent the first hour marvelling at the incredible thoughtfulness and craftsmanship that has gone into its design. Have made myself at home as much as possible before the sun went down around 4.30pm.


Day 2 – Sunday

Went on a walk through the woods, photographing lichens and mosses and thinking about how easy it is to see the minutiae outside of the city.  Thinking about the way plants grow, like modular architecture. Built a clumsy fire and waiting for my pot of beans to heat up now.  My alarm went off earlier and it was the sounds of birds and running water.  Having an ale now left by the previous artist presumably, (thank you) & going to attempt a drawing by candlelight.


Day 3 – Monday

Walked to Aviemore today for supplies.  Saw more pheasants than I’ve ever seen in my life.  Have always wanted to find a pheasant tail feather so kept one eye on the ground.  Worked on drawings & listened to The Archers & The Shipping Forecast on the solar powered radio. Coffee, whisky, fire, Woody Allen, The Complete Prose


Day 4 – Tuesday

Chopped kindling with axe.  Comical.


Day 5 – Wednesday 

225g self-raising flour

pinch salt

55g butter

25g sugar

150g milk


Day 6 – Thursday

“we must stop interpreting the world, stop playing walk-on parts in a script written by power”

-Pierre Huyghe

“montage is a fundamental political notion. An image is never alone, it only exists on a background (ideology) or in relation to those that precede or follow it” -Godard

Vija Celmins

John Whalley

Giorgio Morandi


Day ??

Second week and feeling very alone.  Made delicious scones in the wood burning oven and getting much better with an axe.  Took sketchbook into sauna today.

2_tree moss


Day ??

The Old Bridge Inn lives up to its reputation and found two pheasant tail feathers on the walk here!  Pub is a welcome relief.  Strange and wonderful to have voices and music around me again.


Day ??

The most striking thing about this experience is the absurd daily ritual.  Wake up. make fire. coffee. draw. eat. draw. go to bed w/ torch. read. wake up.  I absorbed this happily for the first few days.  Now I feel like a cartoon set somewhere in the woods.  Elmer Fudd or Daffy Duck.  Looking for different ways to do the same thing. Last night I looked up Rube Goldberg machines.  Found three dead shrews on my walk today.  I think they froze in the night.  Simultaneously feel as though I’ve been here too long and not long enough…

9_shrew 4_drawing

Royal Scottish Academy, Residencies for Scotland – Calum Wallis 2022/23

Calum Wallis is the most recent Royal Scottish Academy, Residencies for Scotland recipient. Calum spent one month at Sweeney’s Bothy on the Isle of Eigg, during the winter of 2022/23.

During his residency, Calum spoke to BBC Radio Scotland on 14 January 2023 for their Out of Doors programme. You can listen back to this conversation on the Scotland Outdoors podcast: The Beauly Elm, The Alyth Genius and the Elie Sauna (Calum’s interview is at 1:05:45). The podcast also features our 2023 Cairngorms Youth Local Action Group resident, Isabel McLeish, who speaks about her project on Beauly’s ancient wych elm tree (Isabel’s interview is at 29:28).

Calum Wallis (b. 1993) grew up in Ross-shire, moving in 2013 to study Fine Art at Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee, where he now lives. His practice asks questions of how humans relate to the natural world, posing them in the form of drawings made in, of and with the landscape. Borrowing, isolating, rescaling and repurposing natural formations, his drawings ponder the roles of memory and expectation in our experience of nature, and the deeper memory held within the earth. His drawing practice increasingly seeks to grow fresh arms, now encompassing kinetic sculpture, performance and printmaking.

Previous residents and recipients of the Royal Scottish Academy’s Residencies for Scotland award include Becky Šik (2019), Bruce Shaw (2019), Hannah Imlach (2015), Uist Corrigan (2015), Sylvia Law (2014), Kari Stewart (2013) and Isla MacLeod (2013).

Calum’s residency was supported by the Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Charitable Trust.

Image 1 – main page – Tormore Canvas Walk, installed. Photo – Fergus Tibbs.
Image 2: 86 Bricks, 2021, graphite on paper and canvas, WAPS, Dundee. Photo – Ben Douglas.
Image 3: Tormore Canvas Walk. Photo – Fergus Tibbs.





Royal Scottish Academy, Residencies for Scotland – 2022 – Deadline has passed

We are delighted to be a taking part in the 2022 RSA Residencies for Scotland programme. It is an artist-led scheme which provides valuable research and residency opportunities for artists. It forges important networks with centres of artistic excellence across Scotland, ranging from traditional residency venues to specialised production facilities.

Open to visual artists at all stages of their careers, the emphasis is on enabling a period of research, development and production, as well as on the acquisition and exchange of new skills and experiences. Artists can apply for funds of up to £5,000.

Previous recipients who have worked with Bothy Project are: Becky Šik (2019); Bruce Shaw (2019); Hannah Imlach (2015); Uist Corrigan (2015); Sylvia Law (2014);Kari Stewart (2013) and Isla MacLeod (2013). And of course in 2011 Bobby Niven and Iain MacLeod successfully applied for an award with Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, and built Inshriach Bothy!

Aims of the residency programme:

  • To enable artists a period of research, development and production
  • To reinforce links with centres of excellence across Scotland
  • To provide access to technical expertise and assistance to learn new skills and techniques.
  • To enable the exchange of ideas and practice

Full application details can be found here

Image: Becky Šik, still from Mercury, 2021, HD video Commissioned by: Collective. Funded by: Creative Scotland, Edinburgh City Council, Baillie Gifford. Supported by: RSA, Bothy Project